Friday, July 31, 2015


Need a fun way to launch at the end of a meeting? I agree that anytime you can share the same moment with a group of people, you have something in common to build on.  I am compiling a list of launch ideas for a principal friend of mine so I figured I would blog it too! 

 Sometimes it can just be a quick word of encouragement so check out my Words to Live By Pinterest Board.

Or just try to keep it real...and funny with my Just For Giggles Pinterest Board.

Or take something that isn't related to your job at all and make an analogy!  Like this harmless prank where a kid is trying to rinse out the shampoo in his hair and the prankster keeps adding more.  

Teachers can relate to this one.  We seem to have an endless supply of expectations (shampoo) in our lives and we can't ever seem to get it all done (wash it out)!

You could also just expose them to a video they can use in their classrooms.  There are a ton for inferencing, basic concepts, and brain breaks out there.  I have a few compiled on my 
Videos for School Pinterest Board.  But here is a fun & easy one minute launch:

Some videos can be teacher stress breakers, like this classic one about standardized test scores:
watch until the end- it's priceless  

I also think that a great launch could be DOING something for the school, community, staff member.  Here are some ideas off the top of my head:

  • Give everyone an index card to write an encouraging word to a nameless student.  Have them place it in their favorite library book! (Plan on doing this during this school year!)
  • Standing Ovation for a staff member. (feels so cool)
  • Everyone pitch in to complete a quick project
  • How about just a mandatory 60 second moment of peace and quiet? (wink)
Here are some quick links that have TONS of inspirational stories, jokes, etc to motivate educators:

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