Sunday, April 15, 2012

Flip Flop Flowers

Since I am one to love a great tutorial, I thought I should pay it forward with an original of my own!

Last summer I decided that I wanted to embellish some of my more favorite flip flops since I struggle to find ones that fit.  (picture a long flat foot)  Here is a super easy picture tutorial on how you can make your very own flip flop flowers!

Here are the supplies you will need:

inexpensive flowers (Dollar Store)
multicolored brads (Clearance at Hobby Lobby)
snap clips 

pair of flip flops & safety pins   

First take off all of the blooms.

Then deconstruct the flower by pushing stem through the front of the petals.  I save some of the smaller plastic pieces to add volume in between petals.

Then you just reconstruct the flower using as many petals parts (I always stick to an odd number) using the brad as the stem that holds them together.  

Now slide the brad's prongs through a small snap clip.

Use some pliers to wrap and smoosh (like my technical term?) 
the prongs around the snap clip.

Just takes a few minutes to make a whole bouquet!

Now just take those favorite (worn in) flip flops and give them some new life!  Just add a safety pin where you would like your flower to be.  Sometimes I wear it on the outer side strap as well.
and TA-DONE!

I also make extras of each flower for pins, hat embellishing, and hair accessorizing.  

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