Friday, August 9, 2013

Fearless Sewer on the loose!

New Kindle, New Case :)

I have been contemplating on buying a lighter Kindle (love the Kindle Fire but it is SO HEAVY) so I could read outside and keep my carpal tunnel from flaring up all summer.  I finally ordered one and I love it!  Of course, I needed a cute way to carry this nifty little treat, so here is what I designed:

Notice that I have figured out the cute ruffle thingy, but don't look to close, it is not Etsy pretty.  I love these two fabrics together!

Also notice that I am no longer afraid of fancy snaps!  The first time I tried those suckers, I think I measured and thought it through for an hour!  I just went with my gut this time and it worked!  

I totally equate my sewing trial and errors to old school teachers and technology.  Sometimes teachers that cannot keep up with me when it comes to tech stuff will say, how do you figure all of this stuff out?  I usually just say, the key is "NO FEAR!"  As in, I am not afraid to mess things up, so I will click away until I figure it out.

I feel the same way they do about everything sewing.  I am too worried about messing stuff up like breaking my mom's machine, or ruining that expensive piece of fabric.  Once I realized that parts can be replaced, I am pushing that machine to its limits, and JoAnn Fabrics will always have a coupon for my fabric habit!

Watch out world, fearless sewer on the loose!
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