Sunday, June 23, 2013

New App called Story

I am really enjoying this new app from Disney called Story.  It allows you to share 20 pictures at a time with friends as an album.  The best part is it does all the work. Super simple with not too many bells and whistles so it is exactly what I need to actually get it done!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Update: Lollipop Bouquet

A while back I posted One Step Away...: 40 doesn't really suck... for a guy friend turing 40.  I decided to go a little nicer for my friend turning 50.  Fun to bring to a party right?

I got the jar at Hobby Lobby for 50% off and I used my 40% coupon for the styrofoam ball (those suckers aren't cheap!)  Add some ribbon, tag, and lollipops and there you go!

Variation: Use Blow Pops and say "Hoping 50 doesn't BLOW!"

Update: I'm still here!

If you are a teacher, you know that some things just don't happen during the school year. I didn't stop sewing or crafting, but I did stop blogging about it.  Since I use this blog to remember what I've done, I really do need to update!

 So here are a few projects I've completed since I last posted:

A few teachers and I decided to have a booth at our school's December Craft Fair.  It was hard pricing things and I would much rather gift my creations, but it was good experience!

I also mass produced a ton of gift card holders for the season. 

I shopped Amazon for most of Christmas, and I was feeling guilty on Christmas Eve waiting on a package from UPS.  So when he delivered the package about 6pm, I left a card, a liter of soda, and some holiday popcorn.  :)

All of my friends are having babies and grand babies so I used this handy dandy You Tube video to master making self binding receiving blankets.

Here are a few that I whipped up...

 I even made a coordinating layette bag 
to go with the one for Shelby at Dazzle

One of my best friends was having her second baby and really fell in love with this guitar print.  We searched and found it at the cutest little fabric shop called The Stitch Lab in Austin.

Remember, I just started sewing, and I am self taught, 
so she must be a REALLY good friend...

We quilted together a bunch of coordinating fabrics as starting point. I also backed it with minky (again, she is a REALLY good friend).

I also patched together a summer receiving blanket!

Then we decided I could figure out curtains and tada!

Last but not least I conquered the bumper pad and bed skirt.

Brooks Roland Bonn was worth it!

I also was able to conquer my fear of zippers by making a bunch of these cute key chains for my library volunteers:

I owe my victory to Erin Erikson over at Dog Under My Desk.  Her tutorial made it a cinch!

My volunteers loved them!
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