Saturday, May 23, 2015

Powerpoint is my BFF

I don't know about the rest of the creative people out there, but I don't think I could live without Powerpoint.  I prefer it over Word or Publisher and is my go to no matter what I am doing.

Today I wanted to make a personal graduation gift for a friend who will be an elementary administrator next year.  We are both gaga for all things Brené Brown and if you don't know who that is, stop reading this and google her NOW.  She is the "Words to Live By" Queen in my opinion.

Anyhoo, I googled images for Brené Brown Quotes and I had a ton to choose from but I just wanted it to be more special than copy/paste.  So I turned to my BFF (Powerpoint) and check out my creations!


Who needs anything more than coffee, Powerpoint, an arsenal of fonts, and a little creativity and love?

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