Friday, August 9, 2013

Fearless Sewer on the loose!

New Kindle, New Case :)

I have been contemplating on buying a lighter Kindle (love the Kindle Fire but it is SO HEAVY) so I could read outside and keep my carpal tunnel from flaring up all summer.  I finally ordered one and I love it!  Of course, I needed a cute way to carry this nifty little treat, so here is what I designed:

Notice that I have figured out the cute ruffle thingy, but don't look to close, it is not Etsy pretty.  I love these two fabrics together!

Also notice that I am no longer afraid of fancy snaps!  The first time I tried those suckers, I think I measured and thought it through for an hour!  I just went with my gut this time and it worked!  

I totally equate my sewing trial and errors to old school teachers and technology.  Sometimes teachers that cannot keep up with me when it comes to tech stuff will say, how do you figure all of this stuff out?  I usually just say, the key is "NO FEAR!"  As in, I am not afraid to mess things up, so I will click away until I figure it out.

I feel the same way they do about everything sewing.  I am too worried about messing stuff up like breaking my mom's machine, or ruining that expensive piece of fabric.  Once I realized that parts can be replaced, I am pushing that machine to its limits, and JoAnn Fabrics will always have a coupon for my fabric habit!

Watch out world, fearless sewer on the loose!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Update: Getting Braver


After making a few of these pups I got much braver!  I learned how to use an overcasting foot and stitch (so technical), and I've learned how to trace, cut, and piece the letters on the heat n bond faster and more efficiently!  I have also added a hood to all of my latest creations!

Notice the cupcake dot on the 'i"

Thanks to peeps like my friend Valerie, I have started trying new things in the sewing department.  It is so fun to know that I can tackle a new project and it come out less janky than expected!

It helps that Val totally believes in me.  I am only One Step Away... from being a decent sewer!  I don't feel like I can call myself a seamstress just yet, so the word "sewer" will have to suffice.

Here is the latest:

Personalized Pool Towels

Basically this project is a $4 towel (Target), scrap fabric, and Heat n Bond iron on adhesive.  We totally hand drew the letters on notebook paper.  I did use two spools of thread for the zigzag stitching. Check it out:

I think it took longer to decide which scraps to use than it did to make these!  

See?  Not janky even on the back! 

Tess is ready for me to hook her up now.  She chose the towel, fabrics, and thread.  We are thinking about adding a surf board or boom box to hers since she only has 4 letters. :) 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Sleep Sack recycle!


Brooks wearing the homemade Sleep Sack:

The skinny...

very soft, well worn, cool shirt
A friend asked me to sew a sleep sack for her little bit, and there are a ton of easy tutorials out there, but really it all comes down to the right material.  I have an old set of king sized sheets that I usually use for fabric when I am constructing something for the first time.  My boys were cleaning out their drawers and threw this shirt into the give away pile.  I have several generous friends who hand down some pretty nice clothes, so this shirt had been worn MANY MANY times.  You can guess what that means... SUPER SOFT!  So I decided to use it for my first sleep sack! 

soft baby sleep sack

All I really did was cut off arm holes and hem, add a zipper, and sew the bottom shut.  I will update with a picture of Brooks in it soon because I don't think it will be long enough for him for too much longer...

Sunday, June 23, 2013

New App called Story

I am really enjoying this new app from Disney called Story.  It allows you to share 20 pictures at a time with friends as an album.  The best part is it does all the work. Super simple with not too many bells and whistles so it is exactly what I need to actually get it done!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Update: Lollipop Bouquet

A while back I posted One Step Away...: 40 doesn't really suck... for a guy friend turing 40.  I decided to go a little nicer for my friend turning 50.  Fun to bring to a party right?

I got the jar at Hobby Lobby for 50% off and I used my 40% coupon for the styrofoam ball (those suckers aren't cheap!)  Add some ribbon, tag, and lollipops and there you go!

Variation: Use Blow Pops and say "Hoping 50 doesn't BLOW!"

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